Frequently Asked Questions

Want to get in touch with the team at LINKD? Please email us on with your comments, questions and suggestions. We will endeavour to come back to you within 48 hours.

Why do I have to login through LinkedIn/Facebook?
At LINKD we want to ensure that all our members are joining for the right reasons. We want to avoid promotional profiles and disingenuous users. All of your details will be securely stored and no association to LINKD will be displayed on either your Linkedin or Facebook account. We also screen new registrants to make sure all LINKD members can enjoy a safe and pleasant experience.

I signed up via LinkedIn, why is my picture blurry?
Unfortunately, Linkedin compresses profile images into other applications which sadly leaves your picture looking blurry. We would advise you to change your profile picture once your signup is complete.

Is my activity within LINKD private?
Yes. All of your LINKD activities will be private and securely stored. There will be no mention of LINKD in either your LinkedIn or FB accounts (unless you share or like us!)

What do you do with my information?
All the information you provide during the registration phase will be securely stored and will help us create a database of members that people could potentially connect with. Additionally, LINKD Insights our machine learning platform will analyse patterns and make smart recommendations based on your preferences and real world patterns improving the quality of your dating suggestions.

Why do you ask for my email address from LinkedIn or Facebook?
We require access to your email address in order to be able to keep you up to date with the most recent changes in our platform and inform you of any matches you’ve recently had. However, this is depends entirely upon you and on the notification preferences that you select.

Why do you ask for access to my pictures?
We need access to your pictures in order that you can build and customize your profile.

Can I permanently remove my information and de-authorize my account?
Yes. You can delete all your information by tapping the Menu icon and then Accounts. Once here tapping Delete Account will remove your profile and all activity permanently. Any issues please send an email to with “Delete Account and your email address” in the subject line.

My messages are not going through.
You may not have internet connectivity – in which case please do check your mobile has data connectivity or your WIFI is active. Otherwise, the LINKD platform may have issues – in which case please do try again in an hour and if the shortage persists please do check our Twitter Page @LINKD_CO for any updates on system issues.

I lost all my links!
It is very unusual for your LINKS to disappear. It may be that you accidentally unLINKD matches or you deleted your account. Unfortunately once you remove contacts either intentionally or unintentionally, we are unable to restore them.

How do I see my new messages?
The notification icon on the top right of the App can be used to spot any new matches and messages. If you see a number appear here, click once to open up the LINKS panel which shows you any new LINKS and Messages. New LINKS and Messages will always appear at the top and in blue.

I can’t open the Tailored or All tabs on the Venue page.
The Tailored and All tabs within the Venues page are available on Premium and VIP accounts. To enable these please tap the Upgrade icon within the Menu panel.

What’s in the ‘Other’ section within the Venues page.
At LINKD, we’re continually expanding our library of Date Spots. Within Other you can find ideas that don’t fall into the “Pubs/Bars, Restaurant and Café’s” categories such as Museums and Parks.

How do I change my name or my age?
LINKD only ever shows your first name. This will be as per your Facebook or LinkedIn account so to change how this appears to other members you must change it on your respective social media account. LINKD allows you to change your date of birth from the ‘Edit profile’ tab. Please remember you must be over 18 to use LINKD.

How do I enter monthly competitions?
On the 1st of every month, All Premium and VIP members are automatically entered into our Monthly competitions. Please check our Facebook page ( or our Twitter account ( for more information on the prizes. All prize winners will be notified by email at the end of the month. We will never announce winners publically unless you specifically request we do. Of course you are more than welcome to share your news on our pages.

How do I upload my photos from Facebook?
At present LINK allows you to upload photos from your mobile. To upload photos from Facebook please download them onto your handset first.

How often are the exclusive LINKD events?
At LINKD, we believe in quality over quantity. It is very important that we maintain the quality that our users come to expect and so we organise at least one event a month. These events are tagged #LINKDEVENTS on Facebook ( and Twitter ( so please do check our accounts regularly as they have limited availability and instructions on how to accept your invite vary.

How do I get unlimited access?
For unrestricted access to LINKD please upgrade your Account to VIP.

How do I unmatch/unlink someone
To unLINK a user please bring up the user’s chat box and tap the 3 dots on the top right. From here simply click ‘unLINK’ to permanently unmatch.

How do I report someone
To report a user please bring up the user’s chat box and tap the 3 dots on the top right. From here simply click ‘Report’.

I accidentally unlocked someone, can I get them back?
Unfortunately not.

Can I message someone I haven’t LINKD with?
For the privacy and safety of our users, you cannot.

How do I change my location?
To change your profile, please bring up the Menu panel and tap ‘Edit Profile’

How do I cancel my LINKD premium/VIP subscription?
You can cancel your subscription from the your Appstore account.

How do I make suggestions for LINKDSPOTs?
We love to hear new suggestions for our LINKDSPOTS. Please send as much information as you can to and we’ll make a special mention to you if we write about the venue following your suggestion!